Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ice Box, Sweat Box, Two Bigs Wins

Greetings fellow readers, I hope the week treated you well! It is officially fall, volleyball is in full swing, the leaves are changing colors, and every other Twitter or Facebook post you see is someone trash talking their most hated NFC North team. In unrelated news, did anyone catch that Packer game Sunday? Ouch, tough day to be a Lion fan, am I right?

This weekend was one of the quicker road trips we have in the conference. We started out leaving Friday early afternoon and headed down to the traffic-filled city and made our way to UIC. As we walked into the gym, we all found ourselves immediately looking for one another's dead eye contact to make sure everyone was feeling the same thing we were. It was negative four in the gym, okay, maybe not that cold, but it was pretty cold! I’ll tell you, it was nothing short of being at the Frozen Tundra for a Packer game, minus the snow.

Despite the cold the Panthers played an outstanding game. The highlight of the game, for me, was in game three when we went on a nine-point run. Four of those points were epic blocks and the entire Milwaukee side of the gym was on their feet. We froze the Flames in three and got the heck out of that ice box.

We hit the road right away after getting some food ordered to the gym. We open the bags and start handing out the team’s food boxes when we realize there is an abundance of chips! The PCC clearly thought we deserved extra chips after that big cold win. Thanks PCC!

We made it to the hotel to find out that there was no set time for breakfast and that we just needed to be ready a little before noon on Saturday. Hearing the great news of being able to sleep in, my wonderful roommate Renee and I raced to our room to go to bed. We opened the door to find only one bed in front of us. I thought a nice game of rock-paper-scissors would suffice to find out who got the bed, but Renee thought it was better to take no prisoners and violently wrestled me to the ground for the bed. Don't believe me? Good, because that is obviously not true. I actually secretly love pull-out couches, no joke, so I took it without any hesitation.

We get to the Valpo gym, where we find it is a sweat box. Really? We all came prepared wearing layers still trying to thaw out from UIC and now it’s a million degrees? Cool. While we are waiting for the team to get ready and come out to serve and pass, whoever was DJing decided to put on the heaviest metal music ever. Much to our dislike, I guess I never really imagined Valparaiso being a “head-banging” metal school. "Party on Wayne."

With no hesitation we picked up where we left off the night before and beat Valparaiso in three. Taylor Golabowski collected 24 digs in the back row, and earned herself Horizon League Defenseive Player of the Week! Way to go Tay Tay! After the big win we were all ready to get back on the bus and head back to good ‘ole Milwaukee. Friday we take on our in state rival Green Bay at home! I better see you all there! Until next time...

"Show class, have pride and display character. And if you do, winning will take care of itself." - Coaching great Paul "Bear" Bryant.

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